September Holiday Programme - Help save red riding hood!

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Programme brief:

Oh no! Little Red Riding Hood has been kidnapped! We are recruiting a team of superheroes to save little Red Riding Hood from the wicked wolf!

- Recommended Age: 4-5 years old
- Dates: 4th Sept and 5th Sept (2 day workshop)
- Time: 10am - 1pm

Learning Objectives:
- Develop and apply numeracy and literacy skills
- Application of language skills ( Role-Play )
- Develop observational skills and Problem solving skills
- Encourage critical thinking and develop analytical skills
- Utilise gross and fine motor skills

Day 1:

- Mission Briefing

- Guess Who? (Identifying suspects)

- Sketch artist at work (Art activity)

- Clue deciphering: Red Riding Hood's Diary (Literacy activity)

- Stakeout planning (Sensory activity)

- Solving the mystery (Deduction activity)

Day 2

- Recap

- Map Making (Art activity)

- Outdoor amazing race (Application of various skillsets)

- Saving Red Riding Hood (Application of various skillsets)

- Lunch and debrief