Sensory Carnival August 2018 - Celebrating Music!

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We will get in touch with you within 1 week to complete the registration, kindly ensure contact info are accurate. This event is parent-accompanied.

Key information:

Date: 25th August 2018, Saturday

Time: 115 minutes

Age: 1-6 years old

Price: $35 (Playgroup package holders may use your existing credits to book via the online booking sytem or by calling in to 84200200

Things to note:

- Playgroup regulars may utilise existing credits to book a slot using the online booking system


Are you keen to introduce to your little ones about the different families of musical instrument but is afraid to bore them down with the details?

Well this sensory carnival includes the introduction of percussion, keyboard and string instruments through music, art and sensory play!

What happens during the carnival ?
1h 45 mins
of free play including

What are the featured stations?

- Dance sensory area : Groove to the moves featured on our projector screen using props such as pom poms, hula hoops, ribbon wands.

- Shaker sensory bin: Make your own shaker with a variety of fillings, decorate it and bring it home!

- Musical instruments sensory bin: Can you sort the musical instruments according to the different types of family?

- Painting with sound: The loudest way to paint

- Percussion pool area: Things to be hit + things to hit with + water, what sort of sounds will we hear?

- Strings sensory bin: A great activity for complex fine-motor skills

- Water beads sensory bin: A staple for every sensory event

- Blow painting: Do you have the lungs to play a wind instrument? Mimic the experience with the blow painting sensory art

- Jumping beans: Hit a beat and watch the beans jump!

- Sensory corner:
5 regular mess-free sensory tubs, perfect for warm ups!

Recommended Age:
12months to 6 years old
Parents are advised to bring an additional set of clothes as things could get messy