Sensory Carnival April 2018 - Under Construction

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We will get in touch with you within 1 week to complete the registration, kindly ensure contact info are accurate. This event is parent-accompanied.

Key information:

Date: 28th April 2018, Saturday

Time: 115 minutes

Age: 1-2.5 years old & 1-6 years old, do take note of age when selecting timeslot.

Price: $35 (Playgroup package holders may use your existing credits to book via the online booking sytem

Things to note:

- Morning timeslot exclusively for toddlers 1-2.5 yrs old, aftn timeslot for mixed ages 1-6 yrs old

- Playgroup regulars may utilise existing credits to book a slot using the online booking system

- Each session is 1hr 45 mins long, it comprises of 15mins of warm-up followed by 1hr 30mins of freeplay.


There will be 8-10 messy play stations for you and your child to explore freely, during the session, there will also be a 10-15mins of circle time which comprises of a short interactive story-telling

Both parents are welcome to join in!

Do bring a change of clothes for your kids and yourself (Unless you have absolute trust that they won't smear paint all over you :)).