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Timing for all playgroups are 11am - 12pm. We will send a confirmation message 1 day before commencement of session.

Alternatively, you can call or whatapp 84200200 to book your trial session.

Parents with existing package can book your sessions via email to or whatsapp 84200200


- Free-play (UP. $18) after each session

Time: 11am - 12pm

Age: 12 - 36 months

Lesson Structure:

- Starter activity (Warm-up and story telling)

- Dry Sensory activity (Literacy and Numeracy skills)

- Messy-Sensory activity (World around us and Sensory skills)

Playgroup objectives:

Designed and conducted by in-house early childhood educators. Our Toddler Playgroups allow toddlers from 1 to 3 years old to develop
  • Early literacy skills
  • Early numeracy skills
  • Simple knowledge of the world
  • Basic art techniques
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Social skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, co-operation and sharing

Each week features a different session inspired by a children's story or nursery rhyme. Kicking off each session with a short story-telling session allows your child to develop a habit of interacting with books.

They then get a chance to explore the narratives by digging into beautiful sensory bins set up using materials of various colours and textures.

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