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What is Experiential learning?

Experiential learning is learning by reflecting on what has been done.


Who is this programme designed for?

For juniors 3-4 years old who are ready to develop a positive learning habit as a strong foundation. This habits will eventually help shape an independent learner who will not need excessive tuition to cope with studies in the future.


Why do this at 3-4 yrs old?

Children of this age are starting to improve dramatically in their literacy and numeracy skills, however, they tend to lack the motivation and patience to stretch their learning. As teachers in school have a curriculum to stick to, they tend to go broad and not deep in the subjects taught, starving the children of the exposure to many essential skills.
Our experiential learning sessions seek to rectify this by exploring deeper in various topics which intrigue and excite learners.


Some of the learning aspects covered:

Sensorial development
Good learning habits 
Social Emotional Development (SED)
Life Skills

Class format

Time: 4-5.30pm

Lessons per term: 10

Duration per lesson: 90 minutes

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