At the core of Busy Table's operation is our walk-in single entry, or freeplay session. Any time during our operating hours 10am - 6.30pm (Thurs-Fri 12pm-6.30pm), you may walk-in with your child for a session of meaningful play. With a single entry fee, gain access to hundreds of educational toys and learning resources, we have a wide selection of toys which we display on a rotational basis. Sections are also updated an refreshed periodically


Let's take a short tour!


At Busy Tables, you can find specially fitted tables designed to engage and challenge your little ones. These unique tables are called........Busy Tables. Check out some of the examples below!

Little Red Riding Hood Table

Red Riding Hood Themed Busy Table

Relive the narrative world of the little red riding hood. This Busy Tables consists  of a series activities that engage various disciplines.

Learn to tell time with the Time Table
Learning to tell time
What better way to introduce your child to the concept of time than our Time Table? Make use of the various resources to teach the concept, feel free to consult our early childhood educators for tips on how to engage your child.

Learn about our body with The Anatomy Table
anatomy table

 What are the names of our various body parts? Find out at the Anatomy table!



 Literacy, Numeracy, Fine-motor skill toys and puzzles! We have a wide selection of learning resources displayed in these shelves, and they rotate from time to time!


Dig in to our no-mess sensory area and experience a myriad of colours and textures! Themes refreshed frequently.

Construction Zone

Work your creative juices in the Construction Zone, IO blocks, jumbo lego blocks and a wide variety of construction manipulatives await you.

Light Tables

Yes, we closed down our dark room, but the light play carries on. At the light tables corner!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Put on your game face at the reflective wall, can you mimic the expression shown on the prompt cards?

Dramatic Corner

 Masks, hats, props, tools, be a chef, a builder, a musician, anything you want.

Also look out for complimentary facilitated events from time to time!


Children 1 year and below: $10
Children above 1 year old: $18
1 accompanying adult may enter for free, additional adults at $3 each
Save hundreds of dollars by not having to buy learning resources which cost upwards of $20 and yet only get utilised a couple of times. At Busy Tables, all the toys are categorised for your convenience.