A Play & Learn Space

With our extensive collection of carefully selected award-winning learning resources, Busy Tables provides a conducive environment for meaningful table-top play. Unlike other play spaces, parents and children sitting down working on a puzzle silently are a common sight at Busy Tables.

To parents joining us the first time, It is perfectly normal for kids to zip around and not sit still during their first couple of visits as they tend to be curious about all the toys around them, but subsequent visits will provide more opportunities for meaningful play as they get more familiar with the environment.

A Co-Learning Environment

At Busy Tables, we embrace a co-learning concept where we have our Playgroups, Free-play and Drop off sessions all happening in the same space.

It is our belief that as we rarely get to work in private, sound-proof environments in our daily lives, everyone should be able to perform their individual tasks in a moderately conducive environment, and learn to cope with minor distractions. It is to the child's detriment if we purposefully eliminate all distractions just to create a 'perfect' learning space.

We believe this is important as we prepare them for the road ahead where they are bound to be distracted by many things. We welcome you to drop by anyday, everyday! Click here to find out how to visit us.


  • Over 110 square metres
  • Retail experience corner

retail experience

  • Baby play corner

Baby corner

  • Dark room

Dark room

  • Reading corner

Reading corner

  • Versatile learning space

versatile play area

  • Ever-expanding learning resource library (>400 items)

Learning resources

  • Building area

building area

  • Construction toy shelf

Construction shelf

  • BusyCards shelf

Busy Cards