Dear educators, ever dreamt of letting your children mess up the entire place and not having to worry about the clean up? You can do just that on a school trip to Busy Tables!

Sample Itinerary:

45 mins of messy-play workshop followed by 45 mins of messy-sensory exploration + 30 mins free-play

Messy and fun activities to choose from:

Sensory Playgroup

Sensory Playgroup

Sensory Art Activities

Sensory ARt

Messy-Sensory Free Play

My Messy Box (Each child brings home a messy box)

My Messy Box

F&B Learning Journey

Supermarket Learning Journey


Up to 30 children per session

Suitable ages: 18 months & up

School visits are available on Mondays to Wednesdays between 9am - 12pm only, email us at  or call us at 84 200 200 to find out more! Alternatively, you can fill up the contact form below and select 'School Visits', we will email you a copy of the brochure.