This programme allows our teachers to dedicate and cater to your child's individual learning needs.

In recent years, children have very often been labelled as special needs even though all they need is just a little more attention to guide and correct certain habits.


  • Spot and identify critical issues affecting child's experience and/or performance in school
  • Common issues are lack of focus, poor handwriting, social skills, aggression etc
  • Develop a progressive plan to help improve on identified areas


  • We work closely with parents to identify and achieve learning goals
  • 1:1 and 1:4 class ratios means your child gets undivided attention from the teacher
  • Each lesson is planned according to your child's interests to maximise participation and engagement.

How it works:

  • Join us for a 2 session trial for the teacher to assess your child and identify possible areas we can work on
  • Teacher will have a short discussion with you to highlight these areas and set learning objectives
  • You can then select timeslots from Tuesdays to Fridays between 2 - 6pm.
  • Free-play is complimentary before and after sessions.


1-to-1 Trial & assessment (2 x 1hr sessions): $90

One-to-One (1:1 ratio): $280 / month

Small group (1:4 ratio): $180 / month 

To find out or to register for a trial session, fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch shortly, alternatively, you may whatsapp or call us at 84200200 during opening hours (10am-6.30pm.


Q: Are you able to cater to children with special needs?

A: While our teachers have experience working with children with special needs, it is recommended for children with special needs to work with specialists and therapists of the relevant field.

Q: My child does not have any major issues in school, can I still sign up for these classes?

A: Yes, while your child is coping well in school, it is still useful to engage, challenge and encourage him/her to continue doing well.