Family events

If the event you are looking to host caters to the following:

  • Young families with children aged 10 and below
  • Young children aged 10 and below
  • Schools or community groups with children aged 10 and below

We can support your event with play activities and booths for the participants. Some of the activities we provide:

  • Sensory play
  • Art & crafts
  • Toy rental
  • Workshops
  • Parent-child classes
  • Party hosting
  • Teacher-led games

As all our programmes are created in-house, they can be customised to a high degree. Many of the activities are also sit-down play; participants are likely to remain seated during play and not run about, so we are able to cater regardless of the size of venue.


Some other highlights of Busy Tables kids activities for family events:

  • Facilitated by certified early childhood educators
  • Mobile and customisable¬†
  • Highly engaging and fun
  • Strong track record