Maximising development

Busy Tables adopts a holistic experiential learning approach which enables young learners to learn through the reflection of what they have experienced or done. Our goal is to maximise the child's zone of proximal development (ZPD), allowing them to maximise their learning opportunities through teacher-led facilitation

zone of proximal development

Learning from facilitation, not instruction

Young children are the most curious bunch! They are constantly moving around and exploring everything around them. This makes traditional instructional teaching which usually require children to remain still and keep focus ineffective.

Our 'lessons' are delivered through facilitation, in which our early-childhood educators focus on the learner's experience, and are constantly providing scaffolding, asking questions and encouraging our young learners to attain learning objectives by their own efforts.

Facilitating play

Parents learn together too!

Learning takes place all the time, everywhere, not just in the classroom. Which is why we welcome parents to sit in our classes, so the facilitation can continue outside of class.

Visible results

Our approach has been well received by many parents whose children gradually developed positive learning habits. This enabled them to benefit more from various learning oppotunities, reducing the need for excessive academic tuition in the future.