Want to throw a dino themed birthday party
to wow your dino-loving kid and their friends?

We know it can be hard finding anything truly
fun and engaging for this. Plus with all the
responsibilities of being a parent, planning
your own could be harder than
reviving the dinosaurs!

This is why we have decided to create
a uniquely immersive 
Dino Sensory Party for
12 months and up!

Invite your child into a world of
completely hands-on experiences with:

Plus many more!

Choose a fiery party package** below:  


*Click here for a list of our available add-ons

** Due to COVID-19, we will be following social distancing measures and number of participants will be restricted to the maximum prescribed by the current guidelines. We can be flexible in the conduct of the programme, for example, we can conduct the programme over zoom, or across multiple sessions so we can split the guests up. Do get in touch with us to discuss further! 


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