The key to learning is a curious mind

At Busy Tables, we believe that curious learners are life-long learners.

Consider the famous proverb: 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'If we apply this to the context of learning, if we give our children a fish (Tuition), it might help them get past a particular test or assessment, but if we teach them to fish (Cultivate a positive learning habit), they will be set to become life-long learners.


What exactly do we do?

We are an indoor play centre for chlidren 1 to 6 years old - Walk in for single entry free-play anytime during operating hours

We run toddler playgroups for toddlers 1 to 3 years old - Weekly playgroups are held every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, click here to learn more about the playgroups

We run small group and one-to-one after school classes for 3 to 6 years old - Our teachers provide the extra attention your child needs to correct learning habits and set a positive behaviour for learning


The Centre

Busy Tables offers an open concept co-learning space spanning over 110 square meters.

We have versatile learning spaces which we can convert to suit various playgroups and classes.

versatile play area

Unique features: 

Busy Tables

red riding hood busy table

Multi-activity busy tables designed to engage and challenge your child across a series of theme specific challenges. Some other tables include Time-table, Anatomy-table, Xray-table and IO-table

Learning Resource Library

learning resource library

Find more learning resources in the shelves of our learning resource library! We have a wide variety of over 400 toys which we display on a rotational basis.

Sensory Corner


A no-mess sensory corner filled with beautiful sensory bins to delight your child.


For more details on the play facilities we have, click here


Private, sound-proof environments are a rarity in communal areas, hence we believe that everyone should be able to perform their individual tasks in a moderately conducive environment, and learn to cope with minor distractions. It is to the child's detriment if we purposefully eliminate all distractions just to create a 'perfect' learning space.



Our Team

Founder - Jeff

2011 was an amazing year for Jeff, he was a father for the first time. He was told by the nurse to feed his newborn 30ml of milk when he cries yet the kid gulped down over 100ml.  That marked his first foray into the amazing world of parenthood. Being self-employed, much of his time was spent at home as a penguin dad, one thing led to another, My Messy Box happened in 2013, followed by Busy Tables in 2016.


Curriculum planner - Gladys

Gladys is an ex-MOE school teacher and used to serve in the curriculum planning division in MOE. As a student she had impeccable grades - straight 'A's every single year from Kindergarten to NTU. She had minimal tuition, nor was she gifted, she was simply put a very positive learner.
Having been a teacher for many years, her teaching philosophy is that much of the onus is on the student to learn, if a student grows reliant on tuition and enrichment, he/she will struggle at the tertiary level.

Teacher - Ainul

A graduate in English studies, teacher Ainul's passion for teaching led her to become a playgroup teacher, she handles the literacy thematic playgroups clubs and is very popular amongst the toddlers. Ainul is currently pursuing further studies in child psychology in order to improve her understanding of the children's needs and to better deliver an enriching learning experience.


Teacher - Hwee Jien

Energetic and full of passion for the arts, teacher Hwee Jien is perfectly suited to cope with the high energy levels of young children. She handles the learning journeys and mass activity events.