Focusing in the dark room

Table Top Play:

  • The benefits of table top play is extensive, ranging from social and emotional development to early mathematical exposure to fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination development.
  • At Busy Tables, our learning resources are split into 4 broad categories: Literacy, Numeracy, Fine-motor and Problem solving. Each of these categories are further split into 8 levels of difficulties, which enables us parents to easily pick out a suitable activity for our child.

Benefits for Children : 

  • Spend quality time with parents through guided play
  • Develop thinking, observation and fine motor skills
  • Early exposure to Language, Literacy, Numeracy and the world around us
  • Enjoy sensory play with messy play and light table
  • Interact with children of similar age group and develop social skills
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination 
  • Practise discipline **
  • They get to touch everything they want – so “no” is an unusual word in our center! Children are curious by nature and tends to want to touch most things they see, unlike a toy store, this is one place they can actually explore and experience almost everything they are curious about. We encourage curiosity and reward it with fun and learning opportunities!

**You are welcome to spend time exploring the toys and resources with your children. You may use this opportunity to teach your child to pack up each toy or resources prior to getting another off the shelf. This is essential in order to keep Busy Tables safe and neat for all users. 


Benefits for Parent : 

  • Spend quality time with children in a pleasant and educational environment 
  • Enjoy access to various educational resources at a low cost 
  • Save time from sourcing and making resources
  • Connect with their children and learn about their learning behavior and level of development
  • Get inspiration on how to teach their children using fun educational methods