TRIAL Baby Sensory Playgroup

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This page is for the booking of a trial session for the Baby sensory playgroups (12 - 18 months old). If you'd like to book for a toddler (1.5 - 3 years old), please click on this link.

The trials are held on weekends so parents can attend, but regular sessions will only be held on weekdays.

Time: 10am - 11am


TUAN @ Joo Chiat: Every Tuesday

The Primary Incubator @ Novena: Every Wednesday

The Play Den @ Kovan: Every Thursday

How to book: Select your preferred date and make payment, we will send you a confirmation message in 2 working days

Price: There will be a materials fee of $5, the trial session itself is free!

Age: 12 - 18 months old

Playgroup objectives:

Designed and conducted by in-house early childhood educators. Our Toddler Playgroups allow toddlers from 12 to 18 months old to develop
  • Early literacy skills
  • Early numeracy skills
  • Cognitive skills such as relating words in a book with an object or action
  • Basic art techniques
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Social skills such as social awareness, conflict resolution, problem solving, co-operation and sharing

Lesson Structure:

- Starter activity

- Circle Time

- Main activity

- Group activity

- Wrap-up followed by free-play