Puzzle Fishing

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This Puzzle Fishing activity breathes new life in the good old-fashioned puzzle. If you have puzzles lying around the house but your child is no longer interested in playing with those, then this activity is for you. Prep is a breeze but you get a chockful of new and fun. Win-win!

Puzzles are great for building on your child’s cognitive skills, particularly in terms of problem-solving and spatial awareness. But don’t you just hate it when you proudly purchase an awesome puzzle and your child plays with it just once and then, never again? Well, here’s something to help you out a little. It’s all about the presentation, mommas! Throw ‘em puzzle pieces into a sensory bin for your child to fish out before fitting them together. So, it’s no longer just boring old puzzle pieces laid out, its puzzle pieces swimming in rice, beans, pasta, etc. Now that’s something awesome!


Very simple. First, choose any puzzle sets that you have at home. We’ve gone for this cute dinosaur puzzle set. Sadly, it’s not been played with for a very long time so it’s time that it had some fun out.

Next, we’ll be using a magnet stick to fish the puzzle pieces out. For that to work, stick some paper clips onto the sides of the puzzle pieces with some good ol’ tape. Leave them aside.

Now let’s get on with the sensory bin. Prepare some coloured bases to use in the sensory bin. These could be rice, pasta or beans. We’ve gone with a mix of farfalle pasta and chickpeas here since that’s what we have on the ready. Pour them into a bowl, add some vinegar and the food colouring of your choice. Mix them all up, lay them out on a tray and leave to dry for a couple of hours. We really want this puzzle activity to work for us, so we went for an all-out rainbow coloured mix.

Lastly, fill a container (or a small pail) with the rainbow mix and bury your puzzle pieces in them. Have the magnet stick ready on the side for your child to fish the puzzle pieces out with and get ready for a never before fun-filled puzzle activity.



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