It's a Tea Party!

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It’s a Tea Party will bring out the inner tea fan in you. Set the table cause it’s time to bring out the cute tea sets with the delicious pretend cakes and biscuits. With rainbow water beads and bottles of coloured water tea, your child is sure to have a pouring good time on us!

Everyone loves a good fancy tea time, sipping on fine tea with posh tea sets. With no kids. But that’s a dream…that stays in dreamland. HAHA! But how about a quirky and vibrant tea time? Something that both you and your child can enjoy together. Get that cute toy tea set out. You must think there’s a fancy trick to this somewhere but nope. No tricks here, just gonna add some rainbow water beads and coloured water tea to the play 😉 Go ahead, don’t tell me that’s boring y’all.


To get our tea party going, soak some rainbow water beads in water for a couple of hours. If you have some jumbo water beads, throw them in the mix. I soaked a few of my jumbo ones as well. They are going to be my ginormous candy ball dessert for the tea party. Hehe!

While the water beads are soaking, prepare the special tea. To make it fun and interesting, use bottles of different shapes and sizes. Of course, these bottles have to be transparent or else, there’s no point in making them coloured. With food colourings of your choice, add a few drops to each bottle of water and give them a little shake to get it fully incorporated. More drops of colouring would mean a darker shade of the colour, so go easy at the start so that you can adjust the colour better as you go along. Now that’s your special tea for the tea party later, easy peasy.

Once your water beads are ready, set the table. Arrange the tea set like you would at a tea party. Don’t forget to bring out the special tea and the rainbow water beads. Invite your child over for tea and enjoy serving each other tea and other delicious rainbow goodies. Yum!

A note of caution: do not leave your kid unsupervised when you have water beads out for play. Should you need to exit the play experience to attend to other matters but your child isn’t quite finished with playing yet, keep away the water beads but feel free to have the coloured water and the other tea party items out for your child to still play with.

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