Counting Animals Sensory Bin

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This Counting Animals sensory bin is a sensory play activity that involves your child to be counting animals. The activity is low prep and puts those post-it squares that you have lying around to good use!

Do you remember how we used to do counting on worksheet exercises back when we were all kids? Cause I do. They were boring, repetitive and eventually became mindless. I didn’t like them and I’m pretty sure you don’t wish to put your kid through the same thing. So chuck those math worksheets aside and instead, have some fun with putting together a sensory play experience that packs in all the counting practice your child needs. Who says there’s no room for play in learning?


To start, prepare some coloured bases to use in the sensory bin. These could be rice, pasta or beans. We’ve gone with some rice here simply because it’s the easiest to die. Pour some rice into a bowl, add some vinegar and the food colouring of your choice. For the farm feels, we went for yellow dyed rice. Mix them all up, lay them out on a tray and leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Once your coloured rice is all dry, pour them into a container or tray for your sensory bin. Spread them out to cover the base of your container. If you’re using a large tray or container, you probably would need more coloured rice. Next, pick out some of your child’s toys and use them to accessorise the bin. For the farm look, we went for a farmhouse, some farm animals, a farmer, a tree and a wheelbarrow. You could also do a jungle theme or an ocean theme if jungle animals or sea creatures are what you have on hand.

You can also add a basket of animals next to the bin. This prevents clutter in the bin and also makes more animals accessible if they are needed during play. Lastly, grab some post-it squares and write a number on each of them. You could do any numbers but do take into account the number of animals that you actually have. Add your numbered post-it squares to the sensory bin.

And we’re all set! Get your child playing with this bin! With the post-it squares, you could paste one up on the side of the bin to show the number of animals that you child needs to count out. After that’s done, take it down and have your child put up another number for counting again. Between the post-it sticking, sensory play and animal counting, your child is sure to have some great fun with this sensory bin.


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