Woodlands themed Party Table

Items needed:

- Light table / panel

- Animals drawn on clear plastic and cut out

- Dried leaves and twigs


- With the lights off, place the animals underneath the leaves and twigs

- Switch on the light table and have the children spot the animals


 Items needed: 

- Paper bag

-Googly eyes

- Black pom pom ball

- Paper cut in the shape of 1 semi circle, 2 hearts and 1 oval (Orange)

- Orange paint and brush


- Paint the paper bag orange

- Paste all the paper cutouts according to the picture

- Paste the googly eyes and pom pom ball to complete the fox's face


Items needed:

- Playdough (Brown)

- Googly eyes

- Black bean

- Tooth picks

- Plastic straws (Cut)


- Mould the playdough into a tear drop shape

- Attach the black bean to the tip and paste googly eyes above to form the face

- Stick tooth picks and cut straws all over the body to complete the hedgehog


Items needed:

- Basket

- Various dyed pasta

- Large and flat items

- Animal toys


- Hide the animal toys under the flat items and challenge the kids to find them

- Increase difficulty by giving them tools to use such as a chopstick or tooth pick


Items needed:

- Tub

- Coloured rice (Blue and green)

- Pebbles

- River animals toys and woodland animal toys


- Allow kids to explore and play freely


We hope the activities above will add lots of fun to your woodlands themed party, if you would like us to prepare, setup and facilitate these woodlands themed activities for your child's birthday party, do get in touch with us by filling the form below!