Princess themed party table

The activities in this theme are loosely linked to a simple narrative of a princess getting kidnapped, followed by a hero's journey to rescue her. Feel free to name the characters and insert any elements to the story which your child can relate to.

Items needed:

- Coloured rice (Dyed pink, purple, light blue)

- Wooden blocks

- Pretty trinkeys

- Princess themed toys


- This station depicts the peaceful kingdom where the princess lives

- Allow the kids to explore freely and pretend play as princess characters


Items needed:

- Soy beans or chick peas (Dyed black and red)

- Cage toy

- Dragon toy


- This station depicts a scene where the princess has been kidnapped

- Enact a narrative for the children


Items needed:

- Hero/knight figurine

- Tub

- Dyed nuts and peas

- Pine cone

- Pebbles


- This station depicts the arduous journey undertaken by the hero to get to the princess

- Some challenges include lining the pebbles in a straight line and have the hero step on alternate pebbles

Items needed:

- Water beads (Yellow/orange)

- Cage from previous station

- Knight or hero toys


- This station depicts the rescue of the princess

- Challenge the kids to control the hero/knight figures and navigate the sea of water beads to reach the princess

- You can increase the difficulty by giving them a handicap, such as only using one hand to open the cage


Items needed:

- Pretty trinkets

- Slime

- Tray


- To embody the characters living happily ever after, the kids can make a symbol for love by shaping the slime into the shape of a heart, and decorating it with the pretty trinkets


Items needed: 

- Paper bag

- Watercolour

- Glitter glue

- Brush


- This makes for a great party favour

- Paint the bag using the watercolour before decorating it with the glitter glue


We hope the activities above will add lots of fun to your princess themed party, if you would like us to prepare, setup and facilitate these princess themed activities for your child's birthday party, do get in touch with us by filling the form below!