Nautical themed party table

Ship Ahoy! 

Have you found a nautical party that floats your boat?

Here are some ideas to help you sail the high seas of merry and joy


hide and seek

Items needed:

- Clear tub

- Water beads

- Small sea creature toys


- Pre-soak water beads and pour into the tub

- Fill with water up to the height of the water beads

- Hide sea creature toys underneath the water beads and allow the children to look for them


Items needed:

- Large tub/tray

- Cloud dough (Mixture of flour and oil)

- Pirate themed toys


- Allow the kids to explore the tub freely

- If you make ALOT of cloud dough, you can bury the treasure and allow the kids to dig for it


Items needed:

- Coloured rice (Purple, light blue and dark blue)

- Sea creature toys

- Small pail and scoops


- Allow the kids to explore freely

- Name-the-sea-creature game, parent name a sea creature, and the children point at it


Items needed:

- Slime (Blue colour with glitter powder)

- Mermaid toy

- Metal tray

- Plastic jewel


- Challenge the kids to create a beautiful setup using the materials provided


Items needed:

- Playdough (Brown)

- Sea shells

- Rolling pin


- Flatten the playdough with the rolling pin

- Press the patterned side of the seashell onto the dough and observe the prints it made

- Create and imagine images with the prints


We hope the activities above will add lots of fun to your nautical themed party, if you would like us to prepare, setup and facilitate these nautical themed activities for your child's birthday party, do get in touch with us by filling the form below!