Dinosaur themed party table

Want to throw a dino themed birthday party
to wow your dino-loving kid and their friends?

Here are some activities which can inspire you to create your own

Sauropods x-ray

Items needed:

- Light panel / table

- Translucent items such as x-ray films, plastic cups and bottles

- Dinosaur toys


- Line up small objects to form shapes the sauropods on the light table


Cerapods water cave

Items needed:

- Large tray (Transparent if possible)

- Water beads

- Dinosaur toys (Cerapods preferred)

- Light panel or led light strips (Optional)

- Cave-shaped toys or plastic cups


- Place the light panel/strips under the tray for a beautiful illuminated effect

- Pre-soak the water beads and pour into tray, fill with water till it just covers the water beads

- Place cave-shaped toys or plastic cups (Pretend-caves) and dinosaur toys in

- Allow kids to free play

Tip: You can place this in a smaller tray, and place that tray in a bigger tray to reduce spillage


Items needed:
- Plastic egg capsules
- Basket w shredded paper
- Large dinosaur toys
- Small dinosaur toys (Must be able to fit into the egg capsules)
- Slime
- Place a small dinosaur into an egg capsule and fill it with slime before shutting it
- Place the slime-filled eggs into the basket along with the large dinosaurs. 
- Pretend that the basket with shredded paper is the nest and the eggs are about to hatch
- Have the kids 'crack' the egg open and play with the slime freely
dino stamping activity
Items needed:
- Dinosaur shaped stampers
- Dinosaur toys
- Playdough
- Flatten the playdough
- Create dinosaur prints by pressing the stampers onto the playdough
- Alternatively, press the side of the dinosaurs into the playdough
- You can also create footprints of the dinosaurs in the playdough

We hope the activities above will add lots of fun to your dinosaur themed party, if you would like us to prepare, setup and facilitate these dinosaur themed activities for your child's birthday party, do get in touch with us by filling the form below!