Numbers with Cookie Dough

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This Numbers with Cookie Dough activity is all about counting ‘em chips on yo cookies! It only takes a home-made taste-safe playdough and a handful of beans to put together this indulgent play treat that your child will enjoy.

I love playdough! It’s such a versatile medium to work with when creating meaningful play experiences for children. And somehow, playdough works soooo well with food-related themes such as…COOKIES! Yup, this activity is a cookie playdough activity for all the cookie lovers out there. Pair this activity with our cookie printable for some numbers and counting fun. Who wouldn’t love this?!


Let’s get straight to making the cookie playdough first.  To make it, mix flour, salt, and cream of tartar together in a pot. Turn the stove on to medium low heat, and add water, oil and vanilla essence to the mix, Keep stirring until the mixture starts to form into a dough. Switch off the stove and continue stirring until the dough forms up. Transfer the dough to a tray to cool. Before it cools completely, give the dough a good kneading and then you’re done!

Next, print out this awesome cookie printable. Best to have it laminated so that you can use it over and over and over again. Trust me, this activity is a definite keeper.

With any beans that you have on hand, place them in a bowl alongside the playdough and you’re good to go. If you have different types of beans, even better! So that’s all the prep needed, really.

Let’s get down to the playing already! Start by making some cookies with the playdough by pinching off some playdough from the huge mass we made and rolling them into balls before flattening them with your palm. Next, decorate the cookies with some of the beans aka your chocolate chips. You can encourage your child to put and count different amount of “chocolate chips” on each. You may also use the printable for some additional fun.


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To download printables for this activity, click here.