Driving Around Town

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This Driving Around Town activity is specially for all the young car-lovers. Put a twist on car-playing with some markers and our variety of fun printables, and get set for a free style drawing experience.

You might have seen this play hack before, somewhere, where you tape a marker onto your child’s cars. So when your child pushes the car around on a blank paper surface, the marker attached to it will draw lines. Now, we’re going to hack this play hack (hehe!) and up the fun. Instead of just a normal blank paper, we’re swopping them out with some towns for your child to really drive around on. Let’s get the drive on!


You can probably get this prepped in less than 15 minutes if you already have everything on hand. Print off our cute town printables, tape a marker to a toy car, tape the printable to the floor or table and voila!

Oh and don’t forget to write your letters/numbers of choice in the white circle spaces in the town. Whatever letter or number you’ve written, those will be what your child will be familiar with during the play experience. If you wish to take it a step further, you can write the letters of your child’s name in the white spaces and have your child connect all the letters together ton form his/her name by driving the car around the town.

We’ve made the printable in various colours so that you can print it any number of times for different learning uses and it will still look fresh to your child. Just perfect!

Lastly, be sure to say aloud the letter, number or colour that your child is driving to cause that’s where the awareness and learning starts.


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