DIY Car Poster

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This DIY Car Poster lets your child have some fun with learning about the parts of a car. And what’s good about this is that you get to frame up a beautiful car poster in your child’s room at the end of it.

If you’re reading this post, then your kid probably loves cars to the moon and back. You’re also probably in search of a car-related something for your child to engage in other than pushing his (or her!) cars back and forth on the floor. This is it! Print out the beautiful poster and get your child colouring and learning about the parts of the car. I bet, it’s gonna be his/her favourite picture hanging in the bedroom 😉


The first and only thing you need to do is to print out the poster here, and cut out the word labels of the different car parts. Yep, believe it or not, that’s all the prep you need for this.

Next, get some colour pencils or crayons out. Colour in the car in the poster. Feel free to colour the car together with your child. While you’re doing so, talk about the different parts of the car and what they do. If you have any related experiences, don’t forget to bring them in. It just makes the interaction with your child all that more personal.

Once your child is done with colouring, hand him/her one world label, point to the word on the label and read it out. Then have your child match it to the corresponding blank space on the poster. Repeat for the other word labels until the poster is complete.

Of course, everyone needs to show off a job well done. So, frame up that lovely poster and have it displayed in your child’s room or play space.


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