Blooming Words Garden

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This Blooming Words Garden will have your child picking some flowers in a pretend garden. Not only that, these flowers come with common sight words that your child will learn in no time. Use the prepared flower printable or any flower shaped items you have on hand, it’s all up to you. Cheers to reading!

Not sure about you guys but sometimes I dread teaching reading to children because they are usually restless when it comes to anything reading-related. It’s worse now because it seems that the only thing ‘worthy’ of their attention is digital tech products. I’m pretty sure some of you can relate to this. To save my sanity (and probably yours), here’s one really fun word-based activity that’s sure to pack in all the joys of words and reading. Your kid has fun, and so do you. Not bad, eh?


First, the garden needs flowers. To make the flowers, print out this printable and cut out the flower images from it. I highly recommend that you laminate these flowers so that you can reuse them by rewriting a billion new words with a handy whiteboard marker. Or you could always not laminate and just rewrite with a pencil or an erasable pen. Anything is better than cutting out a billion flowers hehe.

After cutting out the flowers, stick them onto coloured ice cream sticks. Then stick them into a potful of gravel. For some extra touches (if you feel like it), I wrote individual letters on some coloured pebbles as an added spelling exercise. If we’re having some fun here, let’s just go the whole way!

That set-up already looks awesome. What’s left now is…to play! I’m very sure there’s no need to be dragging your kids to come over and engage in this pretty nifty set-up. They are bound to come by it themselves. I don’t know what it is with kids, but they sure like plucking out stuff. So naturally, your child will pluck out a flower (or two) from the pot without you needing to tell them to do so. When they do so, point out the word on the flower and read it aloud for your child to read along. Demonstrate spelling out the words using the coloured pebbles. Over time, remove flowers that your child can confidently recognise and read and add in new ones.


Activity Guide

To download printables for this activity, click here.