• My kid's visit to Busy Tables Part 1

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    Hello everybody,

    This is Jeff here, if you've been to Busy Tables before, you'd most likely have seen me around. As many of you already know, I have a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 3. We have always believed in creating balanced, holistic play and learn experiences for them, hence the decision to start Busy Tables as an ideal venue providing kids with the experience of purposeful, table top play.

    Over here, instead of jumping, running and going wild, kids get to sit down, focus and interact with a wide variety of toys, manipulatives and learning resources.

    We are really heartened by the feedback we have received thus far, and we will do our best to come up with new programs and items to constantly improve the Busy Tables experience.

    The purpose of this post is to share with everybody my personal take on the Busy Tables experience. My wife had some last minute errands to run with my boy last Sunday, while I need to pop by Busy Tables so my teacher can break for lunch. Long story short, I got(had) to bring 3.5 year old Selore to work!

    Busy Tables is located on the 3rd floor of Rochester Mall, near Buona Vista MRT

     Bringing my girl to work is a literal playing affair.

     This way in!

    This way in!


    Keep your shoes neatly in the shoe rack

    Getting in is fairly simple, once you've made payment or presented your package card, simply proceed to the shoe rack to remove your shoes.


    sanitise your hands

    Next, help yourself to the hand sanitiser, 1 pump dispenses exactly 1.1ml of sanitiser, which is the manufacturer's recommended amount.


    Taking temperature

    Lastly, have your temperature checked by our staff and you're all set!


    Playing with colour paddles

    The Dark Room is one of the first sections you will come across, Selore used to be afraid of the darkness during her first visits, but it's one of her favourite spots now.

    It is a small quiet room, where kids get to not only experiment with the overlapping of colours, but also see common items in a different light (literally!). The colour paddles are definitely her favourite items here as she repeatedly overlapped the different paddles to see the resulting colours.

    Playing with bunchems cluster balls

    Attention span is a scarce commodity with kids this age, so she quickly moved on to the sensory area, where we have hundreds of Bunchems cluster balls. These cluster balls provide an extraordinary sensory experience, you can also make all sorts of figurines and objects with the accessories provided, just don't get them tangled in your hair!

    You spin me right round

    Having clumped all the bunchems together into a mock bowl of 'Ice Kachang', it's off to the Moluk section, you don't get officially started over here until you spin a few rounds in the Bilibo!

    Moluk is a Swiss brand which designs very unique toys for kids. Its range of Bilibo, Nello and Oogi toys work seamlessly together to bring out the imagination in kids!

    It's been more than 30 minutes so far and she's really in the mood now, time to get her seated so we can start on our Busy Cards, which I will elaborate in the next post.


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