• Simplifying play

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    At Busy Tables, we have hundreds of educational toys and learning resources, this has proved to be both a bane and a boon. Whilst there are many choices, it is not always easy to pick out a toy to play with.

    For a start, we have sorted them into different categories and difficulty levels, we also came up with BusyCards system, and invested in capsule machines to provide some form of gamification to our resources.

    Now, we have simplified it further! Here are a few changes.

    1: All cards are thematic.

    Busy Cards theme

    2: All the learning resources and toys are grouped together so you no longer have to search high and low for each of them.

    Busy Cards Arranged

    3: BusyCards can now be completed in 1 sitting, you no longer have to bring the cards back and worry about forgetting to bring on subsequent visits.

    Busy Cards Sample

    The tasks on the BusyCards are age-appropriate and as they vary in terms of skillsets utilised, BusyCards provide a fun and easy way to understand your child's proficiency in the various disciplines of literacy, numeracy, problem solving, understand the world around us and so on.

    So do try them out on your next visit!

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