Kids birthday party: should you throw one for your child?

Images of adorable party decorations, dressed up birthday babies, elaborate cakes and smiley family shots pop up in our social media feeds from time to time. Deep in your subconsciousness then floats a train of thought that might trail along something like this: 

Should I do something special for my kid’s birthday too? 

Well, I can just get them a cake… 

But, they would love having their friends come together for a special occasion 

Okay, but during my time, I would be lucky to have just a piece of cake!

Hmm but well, maybe that’s all the more reason I should give my own children something more?

Whatever the choice or reasoning may be, parents always want to do what’s best for the family. However, deciding on what’s “best” isn’t always that easy! Every family is unique, and while we cannot tell you what’s right or wrong, we can together explore the pros and cons of throwing a birthday party for your child.

Con 1: Budget 

Let’s face it. Throwing parties will always involve more costs than simply cutting a cake at home. Furthermore, many party vendors are charging exorbitant prices, and it’s natural to wonder if one should save that up for something more “important” for the family. That said, we should know that there ARE party providers out there that provide relatively affordable options and streamlined activities designed to keep a child engaged, such as the Busy Tables Party Express package

Con 2: Party madness and stress

Having a bunch of kids screaming and running around your party while you’re trying to catch up with family and friends PLUS make sure everyone is entertained and safe, sounds like unnecessary stress for parents. This is why it’s important to plan appropriate kids’ activities with the right facilitators to keep your little guests engaged and safe. And the good news is that it CAN be done!

Pro 1: It makes for one-of-a-kind bonding time with family and friends 

As adults, we all know the struggle of finding time to catch up with our family and friends. If lucky, we might find that bit of time to meet up with Friend Group A, or Family Group B. Even then, you have to worry about who should look after your kids while you’re out, and your friends have to worry about who should look after THEIR kids while they’re out. So on and so forth. Birthday parties thus present that special, all-in-one opportunity for families and friends, young and old, to come together and truly connect for a meaningful occasion--that is, your child’s milestone of achieving another year’s growth! 

Pro 2: It is a special way to celebrate the achievements of the whole family 

The truth is, celebrating your child’s birthday is not only for making them feel special and to celebrate their growth. It is also to celebrate and give recognition to the parents for all that they’ve done to not only bring the child to this earth, but also all that they’ve worked for to support them in the past year/s. Last of all, it is to celebrate the journey that the WHOLE FAMILY has gone through thus far, to get through yet another year together, united as one. This is definitely something that the whole family can look back on in many years to come. 

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of throwing a birthday party for your child, what do you think? 

To bring a balanced approach to budgeting for parties AND make sure that the activities can truly engage your little guests, you might consider Busy Tables parties, where the activities are all centered around sensory play--a play learning technique that is well-known for keeping kids immersed.

Whatever it is that you decide on, we hope you enjoy a meaningful birthday celebration with the family!

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