Playgroups -- Frequently Asked Questions

Which age-ranged playgroups can my baby engage in?

All of our playgroups are suitable for babies aged between 15-30 months. However, if your child falls just slightly outside of this range and you believe that they would enjoy and benefit from the playgroup--they are more than welcome to join! 

How long is each session? 

We prepare for each playgroup to last for 1 hour. This usually consists of 45 mins of structured sensory play learning, with an additional 15 minutes freeplay. 

What kind of activities will my baby engage in?

Although activities vary between sessions, they include things such as art and craft, feeling sensory materials, and gamified story-telling etc. All activities in each session will combine to create a holistic sensory play learning experience that follows through the theme of the day. 

What do I need to bring/prepare for each session?

Bring a spare change of clothes and/or have your child dressed in clothes that you don't mind them getting messy in--things can get excitingly messy!

There doesn't seem to be any 'teaching' going on? How do I know my child is benefitting?

Most of our playgroup participants are aged 15-30 months, and at this age, they are super curious about the world--exploring anything and everything that spark their interest! 

​To best fit this nature of the toddler, our early childhood specialist ensures that our playgroups are loosely structured so that our busy explorers have the space to explore materials in their own capacity. Coupled with the way we have designed our materials and activities, it guarantees that your child will be having fun and thus fully engaged in the lesson, so that they can maximise the benefits of sensory play learning!

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