Child safety: how to continue play learning in 2020

It suffices to say that recent circumstances have disrupted several parts of our lives all around the world. 

One thing that I’m sure is on many parents’ minds is how to keep their little ones playing and learning, especially when many activities involve being outside, or touching objects. 

Keeping them safe is crucial, but avoiding all activities with a ten-foot pole is not the solution either! Growth waits for no one, and let’s also not forget that sensory play is an important component of your young one’s development, so it is inevitable that they will be touching things as they learn and play. 

The good news is, it IS possible to play safely. Here’s Busy Tables’ guide to keeping play safe in 2020! 

Ready to learn and play responsibly and safely? Share this with your friends, or download it to remind one another of these tips! 

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