Busy Tables Sensory Playgroups

Curious about how activities for kids can achieve sensory play benefits?

Designed and led by our teachers with an expertise in early childhood development, Busy Tables’ playgroups offer a way for your child to boost their IQ, cognitive skills training and social skills--all through sensory play learning!

Busy Tables August 2019 Playgroup--Incy Wincy

(Busy Tables August 2019 Playgroup--Incy Wincy)


This means that your child will be immersed in a stimulating play environment, engaging their senses such as touch and sight in activities involving language, movement as well as art and craft ideas to learn while having fun at the very same time. 


(Busy Tables September 2019 Playgroup--Drive your Imagination)

Every one of our playgroups is weaved together by a unique theme.

This means that your child will remain engaged throughout each session, and they can come back for new ones without getting bored. At the same time, there is no need to subscribe to more than a single session--you only pay for what you need



Upcoming playgroups: 

21 Sep 2019: Little Builders

28 Sep 2019: Drive your Imagination

Register here: http://bit.ly/busytablessep

12 Oct 2019: Counting Apples

19 Oct 2019: Alphabet Fun 

26 Oct 2019 Colours with Brown Bear 

Register here: http://bit.ly/busytablesoct

*Class curriculum is subject to changes


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