Activities for Your Babies This October


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For you and your babies whose energy is ever-insatiable--have you found new things to do in Singapore this October? Halloween is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, and if you are looking to throw a kids’ party that’s enriching and clear of sugary cavities, yet engrossing for your little guests,
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However, we know that Halloween isn’t everyone’s thing. So, for this October, we’ve designed 3 different themed playgroups for toddlers and babies that your child can join. 


1. Counting Apples  


Ignite your child’s interest in numbers as they engage in sensory play activities that are designed to boost their pre-numeracy development, amongst other things. They will even get to try their hand at a make-believe apple tree harvesting experience!* 


2. Alphabet Fun 

With paint, brushes, rhymes, magnets and scoopfuls of colourful beans, we’ve gotten ready a stimulating play environment for your child to learn about letters.* 


3. Colours with Brown Bear


There are preschool activities about colours, there are preschool activities about animals, and then there are sensory playgroups combining both. That is, this playgroup is where your kids will learn about colours with the accompaniment of Brown Bear.* 


*Curriculum is subject to minor changes. 

All of our playgroups this October are timed from 10am to 11am, and are designed and led by teachers trained in early childhood development to expand your child’s cognitive skills development. Click here to view our October playgroups: !

If October seems a little far ahead and you’re still struggling to look for things for your toddler to do this month, check out our last September playgroup that will be happening this weekend! Click here to see

Have you got any events lined up with your family this coming October? Let us know!

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