3 things your child could be missing out on without a playgroup

You've probably seen a few articles on why playgroups are beneficial, or you might believe that your toddler is doing fine with a few playmates, but did you know that having your child in a professionally-led sensory playgroup is actually important? Here are 3 reasons why it is high time to look for a playgroup near you: 


  1. Positive sensory stimulation

Touching is a toddler’s way of understanding the world, such as drinking and splashing water to understand how water feels and flows! Although sensory experiences like these are typically a splashing good time and are important for learning, toddlers sometimes exhibit intolerance towards certain tactile media. As Busy Tables playgroups constantly seeks to open our little participants up to a world of wonderful sensory stimuli, we are proud to say that parents have shared with us how their toddlers have become receptive to tactile experiences, where they had earlier been vehement towards it. 


  1. Exposure to the use of good language

Did you know that toddlers experience rapid language development in their early years? In a playgroup’s language-rich environment, toddlers are building a rock solid foundation to reach their fullest potential in speaking and writing during their later years. Additionally, playgroups motivate babies to speak and vocalise, which stimulates them to understand the value of communication in their daily dealings--especially with their mommy and daddy. This is why every Busy Tables teacher upholds our core belief of exhibiting good language in our playgroups!


  1. Excellent social habits

Being newbies to the world, toddlers have much to learn about coexisting with other toddlers and fellow humans! Being able to socialise well with their peers promotes self-confidence, positive play experiences and teaches them to negotiate through tricky situations. This can start from things as small as saying “please”, “thank you” and asking for their turn during playtime. The communal setting of playgroups exposes your child to such situations where such positive social habits can be developed and reinforced. Receiving a “thank you” from a child always brings a smile to our teachers’ faces, and it is something that they make sure the child is praised for! 


Ready for your child to reap these benefits? Click here for information on our October playgroups!


Which of these 3 things do you think your baby is the strongest in? Let us know in the comments!

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