2016 for Busy Tables

Happy new year everyone!

2016 has been loads of fun, we opened our doors on 1st May 2016, and so far it's been a fruitful journey. We are glad to have met and spoken to many of you, from parents with their first newborn, to parents of 5(!!!) kids, thank you for your support thus far.

We are looking forward to many new additions in 2017, some of you might have gotten a heads up from me during our chit-chats, so here it is, the list of the services we will provide in 2017

1) Single Entry - With just 1 entry fee, gain access to hundreds of learning resources and award winning toys.

2) Drop-off - Got an errand to run or need some quiet time to focus on your work? Drop your child off here and we will keep him/her busy!

3) Weekly playgroups - We are not a preschool, nor are we an enrichment centre, hence, our playgroups are non-structured bouts of fun!

Some other additions are:

  • Craft corner - Variety of handicrafts for crafty fingers
  • Featured-toys section - New section comprising of the latest award-winning toys
  • Customised birthday parties - Games and activities tailored for your child's and guests' age, no 2 parties will be the same.

We will be closed on 31st December and 1st Jan for the holidays, and we'll be back 2nd Jan onwards to bring more moments of fun and learning for you and your kids.

Stay tuned!



Busy Tables

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