• End of Circuit Breaker Phase 1: Emotions all Young Parents will Face

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    It's been one week of being in Phase 1 - parents, how do you feel? Every family is unique, but we reckon the following are some emotions that all parents can relate to when Phase 1 came around. What do you think? 

    Ambivalent Feelings 

    One of the first few emotions you might have felt is relief. Relief for a sign that the pandemic situation is coming under control. Relief that your child’s health and safety has slightly more security now. And yes, definitely relief that they can go back to school and you don’t have to juggle 10 million things at once with them at home!

    But wait… you might also find yourself actually missing your child when they finally step out of the house. Next, anxiety comes knocking on your door as you worry if they’ll adapt well to their new schedule, and whether they’ll be safe out there.

    Going into Phase 1 means facing more changes - even if they’re good changes. As a parent having a world of responsibilities at once, be prepared to feel a whole lot of different emotions at once, too!

    Newfound Pride 

    Remember the very first day your little one stepped out of the house to go to school? Remember how moved you were to see your child reaching that milestone? 

    As you see your kid getting ready for school once again, after what felt like forever, you might experience a tinge of deja vu! There might be familiar feelings of pride from witnessing how your child successfully went through this period of immense change to life that we never had to go through as kids. 

    Parent, don’t forget that you deserve to be proud of yourselves too! It certainly hasn’t been easy juggling work, chores, HBL, and just being a parent in general, eh? Go on, give yourself a pat on the back! 

    Hope and Excitement

    Yes, we all know that Phase 1 doesn't mean we can just bring our kids out, dine out and have fun outside like we used to. We also know that a resurgence of cases might happen at any time, which would then spell a step back from where we are right now. But, the very fact that we have officially entered Phase 1 of the end of the Circuit Breaker, proves that we are very much one step closer to more opportunities for familial gathering and outdoor fun. As such, it is only natural to feel hopeful, and maybe even a little excited for us to get closer to Phase 2. 

    Especially when most of us have never had to spend our childhood in THIS much isolation indoors, we definitely long for the day we can bring our kids out to have fun again, so they can feel “free”, as all children should be. 

    What is the first thing you are looking forward to in Phase 2? 

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  • COVID-19: 5 Essential Kid Items Parents Should Sanitize, But Often Neglect

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    People usually ramp up their cleaning efforts before Chinese New Year or during the cold and flu season. Lately, the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has spurred extreme measures, but with good reason: The National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) highlights the importance of disinfection to curb the transmission of the respiratory disease.

    Experts have mentioned that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is by washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or at least long enough to sing the “happy birthday” song twice. However, your hand-washing efforts may just prove futile once you touch those germ-ridden objects and surfaces at home – which introduces bacteria right back onto your body. Are you guilty of that?

    With schools now back in full swing across Singapore, you might just be finding yourself cleaning and sanitizing everything that your children come into contact with these days, but you may just be neglecting these 5 inconspicuous culprits of filth:

    1. Water bottles

    2. Car seats

    3. Lunch boxes

    4. Strollers

    5. Backpacks.

    Young children carry plenty of germs that can cause colds, flus and even COVID-19. This is especially scary since COVID-19 symptoms are usually mild in children – and some children are especially asymptomatic. As such, parents and helpers should pay attention to how thoroughly they clean and sanitize for the child’s health and wellbeing.

    Check out our graphic below to see the tips and tricks to cleaning your kid's essential items!


    Now that the safety precautions are in order, it's time to let your child to live life, build good memories and have some fun! 

    We're in Phase 1 now, and very soon we'll be in Phase 2, where everything might get booked out, prices might soar, and as we know - crowds go crazy! 

    Our advice? Start planning your child's next birthday party or family event NOW. Especially when there are promos from party providers like Busy Tables, where you don't even need to provide any deposit nor cancellation fees.

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    Stay safe, and may you celebrate each and everyday with joy!

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  • Protecting Children's Health: How to Hold a Birthday Party with Less than 10 People

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    Recently, we published our guide on Safe Playing Learning in our recent time of uncertainty and health risks. 

    In so little time, many things have changed as the Singapore government announced new health advisories, including the closure of entertainment centres and the ceasing of gatherings with more than 10 people. 

    Many parents might be wondering if it's still okay to hold a birthday party for their child--after all, birthdays happen only once a year, and there's no advisory against celebrating birthdays. 

    There are definitely no quick and easy answers, but we at Busy Tables have designed a new guide for How to Hold a Birthday Party with Less than 10 People:


    Wondering how to keep such a small party fun and engaging? 

    Our Party Express, with 2 sensory activities, 1 craft, and 0 facilitators, might be just what you need. Click here to see more. 

    Meanwhile, stay safe and happy playing! 

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  • Child safety: how to continue play learning in 2020

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    It suffices to say that recent circumstances have disrupted several parts of our lives all around the world. 

    One thing that I’m sure is on many parents’ minds is how to keep their little ones playing and learning, especially when many activities involve being outside, or touching objects. 

    Keeping them safe is crucial, but avoiding all activities with a ten-foot pole is not the solution either! Growth waits for no one, and let’s also not forget that sensory play is an important component of your young one’s development, so it is inevitable that they will be touching things as they learn and play. 

    The good news is, it IS possible to play safely. Here’s Busy Tables’ guide to keeping play safe in 2020! 

    Ready to learn and play responsibly and safely? Share this with your friends, or download it to remind one another of these tips! 

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  • Kids birthday party: should you throw one for your child?

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    Images of adorable party decorations, dressed up birthday babies, elaborate cakes and smiley family shots pop up in our social media feeds from time to time. Deep in your subconsciousness then floats a train of thought that might trail along something like this: 

    Should I do something special for my kid’s birthday too? 

    Well, I can just get them a cake… 

    But, they would love having their friends come together for a special occasion 

    Okay, but during my time, I would be lucky to have just a piece of cake!

    Hmm but well, maybe that’s all the more reason I should give my own children something more?

    Whatever the choice or reasoning may be, parents always want to do what’s best for the family. However, deciding on what’s “best” isn’t always that easy! Every family is unique, and while we cannot tell you what’s right or wrong, we can together explore the pros and cons of throwing a birthday party for your child.

    Con 1: Budget 

    Let’s face it. Throwing parties will always involve more costs than simply cutting a cake at home. Furthermore, many party vendors are charging exorbitant prices, and it’s natural to wonder if one should save that up for something more “important” for the family. That said, we should know that there ARE party providers out there that provide relatively affordable options and streamlined activities designed to keep a child engaged, such as the Busy Tables Party Express package

    Con 2: Party madness and stress

    Having a bunch of kids screaming and running around your party while you’re trying to catch up with family and friends PLUS make sure everyone is entertained and safe, sounds like unnecessary stress for parents. This is why it’s important to plan appropriate kids’ activities with the right facilitators to keep your little guests engaged and safe. And the good news is that it CAN be done!

    Pro 1: It makes for one-of-a-kind bonding time with family and friends 

    As adults, we all know the struggle of finding time to catch up with our family and friends. If lucky, we might find that bit of time to meet up with Friend Group A, or Family Group B. Even then, you have to worry about who should look after your kids while you’re out, and your friends have to worry about who should look after THEIR kids while they’re out. So on and so forth. Birthday parties thus present that special, all-in-one opportunity for families and friends, young and old, to come together and truly connect for a meaningful occasion--that is, your child’s milestone of achieving another year’s growth! 

    Pro 2: It is a special way to celebrate the achievements of the whole family 

    The truth is, celebrating your child’s birthday is not only for making them feel special and to celebrate their growth. It is also to celebrate and give recognition to the parents for all that they’ve done to not only bring the child to this earth, but also all that they’ve worked for to support them in the past year/s. Last of all, it is to celebrate the journey that the WHOLE FAMILY has gone through thus far, to get through yet another year together, united as one. This is definitely something that the whole family can look back on in many years to come. 

    Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of throwing a birthday party for your child, what do you think? 

    To bring a balanced approach to budgeting for parties AND make sure that the activities can truly engage your little guests, you might consider Busy Tables parties, where the activities are all centered around sensory play--a play learning technique that is well-known for keeping kids immersed.

    Whatever it is that you decide on, we hope you enjoy a meaningful birthday celebration with the family!

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